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Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter

Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter

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Introducing an innovative device that allows you to use Apple CarPlay without the need for a cable. This adapter is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing car system, enabling a wireless connection to your iPhone. With this solution, you can enjoy all the features of Apple CarPlay without the hassle of using a cable.

Product Features:

-Wireless Connection: With this adapter, you can use Apple CarPlay without the need for a cable. This makes using the system even more convenient and functional.

-Easy Integration: The device is designed for easy integration with your existing car system. Simple setup allows you to quickly start using wireless Apple CarPlay.

-Compatibility: The adapter is compatible with a wide range of cars and models, making it a versatile solution for many users.

-High-Quality Sound and Image: Thanks to advanced technology, the adapter provides high-quality sound and image when using Apple CarPlay. Discover a new level of entertainment in your car.

Order now and experience the exceptional convenience of using Apple CarPlay without unnecessary cables!



-only works if you already have WIRED CarPlay in your car

-works with iOS 10 and up

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